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About Us

Mirage Banqueting Suite provides a luxury experience befitting any event, glamorous or formal. Our exclusive venue is an enthralling host for guests, an ideal space for a large or an intimate ceremony and can be dressed to suit any occasion. Fine food, splendid stages and exquisite entertainment – Mirage Banqueting Suite only offers the best.

Our team work together with you, our client, at its core to ensure you are content and confident at every stage of the process leading up to the big day. Every intricate detail will be taken care of prior to and on the day of your event to ensure it is smooth, chic and graceful allowing you to savour every moment and create unforgettable memories on the day.

Planning a Destination Wedding?

You’ve probably been planning your dream wedding for what feels like forever. It is imperative that every person feels confident that their wedding will be everything they imagined, without stressful moments or glitches to accompany this unique, memorable time.

What your dream wedding entails can only be known to you; what will be universally agreed is that a dream wedding is one in which you, the client, are most comfortable, assured and content, one that you can look back on fondly. Your dream wedding begins long before your wedding day, the run up to the wedding should be smooth and every piece of your wedding should fall into place effortlessly. Your chosen centrepieces, theme, wedding stage, the structure of the day and the order of events – everything needs to flow smoothly to ensure a perfect day.

We therefore want to start discussing and planning with you well ahead of time. We want you to feel open, to discuss everything and feel assured that your day will run in accordance with your planning. If however, you do not have long to plan your wedding, our team will work together and tailor things to your need in a short space of time to achieve the same effect. We will take notes, run things by you, keep you abreast of all arrangements and work closely with you, fine-tuning everything in accordance with you. What is imperative to us is that your day is everything you imagined – your dream wedding transpired!